Dearest Friends and Supporters:

My attempt to help finance “Persecuted” the movie through crowd source funding has proven to be unsuccessful. The full scene from the “Persecuted” screenplay that I had intended to release earlier will no longer be available since it was successfully converted, along with other additionally shot scenes, into a short film that will be submitted to the Cannes International Film Festival.

For those of you who helped support the project through either or, your funds will be returned. Please contact me should your payments not go through.

Unfortunately, Cannes’ film submission policy does not allow me to screen my short film online or anywhere else. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and sincerely ask that you stay tuned for further updates, festival results, and the release of the full feature; which I am committed to produce along with other work that I am not yet prepared to announce.

Benjamin Bondar

“Persecuted” will be a SAG-AFTRA Union Production; campaign trailer extras and actors are subject to change for the feature film